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Who is reading this blog, part II

September 13, 2008languages

Here's a graphic from Platform-A, the division of AOL that's running the behavioral targeting ad campaign for the Numerati. By the way, I hear that the plan is now to run significantly more ads than the 8 million I mentioned last week. Have any of you come across any of the ads yet in your Web wanderings? If so, I'd love to hear where you saw it--and if it was one of the scary ads.

According to Platform-A:

"The Numerati audience is nearly unique in that it consumes arts content highly, such as book and theater reviews, and yet is also reading a significant amount of technology content. The heavy business and finance content indicates a white-collar audience, and the heavy sports usage skews male." (I would also guess that the low gaming and music signal that this blog--for some mysterious reason--may not be connecting with the young. Am I wrong?)

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