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Travel plans: DC, Pittsburgh, Milan

March 18, 2012General

I haven't been writing much about what I'm up to, because various projects are under different layers of covers. But here are a few of the them. First, after finishing Final Jeopardy last winter, I decided to give myself something of a sabbatical. And between March and September I wrote a novel. It's called The Boost. It takes place several decades in the future, at a point where the technology I've been writing about in my non-fiction work really stirs things up. A few months ago, I sold it to Tor Books, a division of MacMillian. It should be published next year.

In the much shorter term, I'm working on an Amazon single.That's a type of ebook that is somewhere between a very long magazine piece and a short book. It sells for a buck or two. The one I'm working on is a political yarn. Reporting this week will take me to Washington DC and Pittsburgh (Hipstamatic photo above). The draft is due in the middle of April, which means I really have to push it.

I'm also doing some speaking. A week from today I fly to Milan, where I'll speak to a Microsoft group about the Numerati, data, and how it's changing the business (and life). In May I travel to Calgary for a similar engagement. At the same time, I'm working on a couple of other projects, one in psychology, the other computer security.

Meantime, any advice on restaurants or places to see in Milan? I'll be there for three days.

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