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Saving Blogspotting

November 23, 2009General

Yesterday, I asked readers on the Blogspotting blog how we could save its archives. The blog was born the day Heather Green and I published our cover story, Blogs will Change your Business. Promoted on the cover, the blog probably got more traffic that first week than any week since. But still, it was an attempt for a mainstream publication to cover and, at the same time, participate in the revolution that was turning our industry upside down and inside out.

We got lots of great responses, including one from Christopher Alden, CEO of Six Apart, the blog technology company (whose software runs Blogspotting). He offered to port and host the blog. I'm not sure I want to keep blogging there. Might rather focus on blogging here. We'll have to discuss. In any case, it would be great to save the archives.

One of the many casualties of the Bloomberg layoffs at BusinessWeek last Thursday was our library staff. The magazine will do without their services (and I don't know what Bloomberg will do with their archives. Will Six Apart house those, too?) In any case, below is the message for BW staffers at the library.

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