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Definition of an AOL searcher

February 6, 2010Boost

The users of different search engines fall into different tribes, according to this study in Ad Age. (ex Unbound Edition) That shouldn't come as a surprise. I found the definition of the AOL searcher especially poignant:

AOL customers feel less intellectual than their peers, are 55 and older, spend their money more responsibly, want to blend in to the crowd, feel like they've gotten a raw deal out of life, expect less from their future and, believe it or not, still use dial-up modems.

Hmmm. What sort of marketing campaign should we work up for them?

Incidentally, if any of you speak German, here's an article I wrote for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It's about what we should be storing in our heads, a theme I've been exploring a bit in recent talks.

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