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Free viewing kits for Jeopardy parties

February 4, 2011Marketing the book

Here's the idea. Invite friends over to watch Watson's epic match--and use these party kits (download below). Ayesha Mirza and her team at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt came up with these kits. They include bingo cards, ID badges, even Alex Trebek paste-on mustaches--and of course some info about the book.

In the ideal scenario, of course, we'd have thousands of parties in book stores. Everyone would watch the match and then on the evening of the Feb. 16, buy the book--which has a final chapter on the match. But the hardback books don't go on sale until the following day, Feb. 17. So these kits are a way to get the book into the parties. (Update: I've replaced the original party kit with a revised one, which has six columns on the Jeopardy board and up-to-date dollar numbers. Thanks to those who pointed out the mistakes.)


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