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Please take my privacy poll

September 24, 2010Privacy

I have a poll running on the SmartDataCollective site. It's about privacy. Please visit. It'll take about 10 seconds (though you're welcome to stick around and explore the blog).

Here are the three options:

1) Privacy advocates are exaggerating the dangers. Some of them are real, but the industry will get a grip on them.

2) Personal privacy is under siege, and the industry is not paying enough attention to the issue.

3) Privacy as we once knew it is finished. People and companies will have to come up with new definitions of it for the data age.

Should I have framed the questions differently? Is there a fourth option, Other, that you would have checked? If so, what would you say?


I've been head-down writing my book of late. Yesterday I took a train up to Boston for lunch with my editor and meetings at MIT. The first eight chapters of the book are due a week from today. I've got one more to write, and quite a few revisions to make in others. Once those chapters are in, I'll start working on the last four, though I'll have to deal with revisions on the first eight as I do. This is a highly crunched process.

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