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Wal-mart pushes medical data

December 3, 2008Privacy

Perhaps the biggest frontier for the Numerati is medicine. If they can figure us out as patients, both by our genome and our behavior, they could revolutionize health care. Some of this is scary, of course, which is why people are reluctant to digitize medical data--and why many of us have to scrawl our on a clipboard while waiting for the doctor.

Wal-Mart is in a position to change the dynamic, and the company is busy doing it. Here's the BW story (that I should have linked to a 10 days ago).

 From the story:

The secret to gathering accurate records while preserving patient privacy is in the software. It automatically pulls information from the databases of participating insurers, pharmacies, and other parties, then stores it in password-protected digital files that only the employee can access. Wal-Mart didn't dream up this software system on its own. It's the product of a not-for-profit enterprise called Dossia, funded by major corporations including Intel (INTC), AT&T (T), and Pitney Bowes (PBI), as well as Wal-Mart itself. Each invested $1.5 million in the new company. The goal, says Dossia CEO Colin Evans, is simply "to make health care more efficient." Starting next year, Intel and the other original equity partners plan to implement the service and market it to other companies.

As I've written, today's economic troubles are going to give companies and governments a good reason to push for efficiencies. This will place more of our lives and work into the digital realm-- and produce all sorts of opportunities for the Numerati.

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