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Chinese edition of The Numerati

July 15, 2009Marketing the book

I just received five copies of the Chinese (complex) edition of The Numerati. I plugged the Chinese title (當我們變成一堆數字)  into the Google translator and got this: When We Turned into a Pile of Figures. If anyone can provide a more nuanced read, I'm all ears. But it doesn't sound so bad to me. It'll be interesting to see if the mainland Chinese edition, which should be coming out soon, chooses the same title.

I've been consumed of late my BusinessWeek stuff. I have stories going into the magazine this, both as a writer and editor. Plus, there was the disquieting news that my 80-year-old magazine (where I've worked for more than 22 years) is seeking a buyer or strategic partner. No one at this stage knows exactly what this means, or who would buy a magazine in these times. Whatever the case, we're in for a very lively few months. And yes, there's a chance that the changes ahead will leave me a lot more time to write posts for this blog.

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