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September 3, 2008News

We have a big new initiative at BusinessWeek called BusinessExchange. The idea is that people all over the world bring their knowledge and expertise to the area and help to build hundreds or thousands of niche sites. I explain it in this blog post.

About two months ago, I decided to start a micro site on the Numerati--not on the book, that is, but on the book's theme, the mining of our data and the modeling of our behavior. The administrators didn't want Numerati in the title, but the site is up and running. I haven't been curating it as much as I should. But if you want to have a look, contribute your own ideas, articles, blog posts, create profiles, by all means jump in. In fact, your participation is the only chance the site has to get good.

I'm editing the tech channel for BWOnline this week. Long hours. I also have a taping this afternoon for NPR's Fresh Air. I'd better start thinking about what I'm going to say.

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